The Weekend Workshop

Most Relationships aren't sick- they're stuck!

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you need to be at Morrie and Arleah's workshop-

  • Have you heard about how great intimacy can be, but you’ve yet to experience it yourself?
  • Do you feel the need to work on your relationship; your partner agrees, but always has an excuse for not doing it?
  • Does something inside make you feel as if you don’t truly deserve a richer and fuller relationship?
  • Has your sex life hit the wall or steadily gone downhill?
  • Have you always longed to be loved and cared for but you’re aware that at some level you make sure it doesn’t happen?

What You're Going To Get From The Retreat:

  • A Transformational Experience - You'll be different and act differently, and it'll last more than two days
  • New Skills And Tools - This is not therapy. It goes beyond talking about your life and teaches you what to do about it.
  • How To Become An Accountable Person - Learn the techniques for holding yourself and others accountable for their commitments.
  • Get Rid Of Your Fear Of Conflict - Learn how to stop arguing and start having great fights.
  • Purge Yourself Of That Self-Doubt - Banish that nagging, toxic critic, once and for all.
  • Develop Your Own Personal Vision And Your Vision As A Couple - Discover the force that gives meaning to your life and relationships.

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john and debbie

"It was a phenomenal experience."

We learned as much from sharing the other couple's experiences as we did our own. The insights we gained have been life-altering and have given us new relationship skills that we use every day.

-John and Debbie
Montecito, CA

  • Are you having trouble with communication in relationships?
  • Do you feel as if you aren't connecting with people the way you once did?
  • Are you searching for a way to find or recapture the intimacy you once shared?
  • Do you feel you have all the necessary tools to create better relationships?

You're not alone! Over half of all marriages in the US end up in divorce, and they don't have to. Morrie and Arleah Shechtman, authors of Love in the Present Tense: How to Have a High Intimacy, Low Maintenance Marriage are here to help.

Spend the weekend with Morrie and Arleah working on strengthening your relationships like never before. This learning and growth experience is designed for couples who want more out of their relationship and individuals dedicated to finding their perfect match. Its primary goal is to help participants focus and redirect the skills and talents that make them effective with others, toward renewing and revitalizing their most intimate and committed relationship.

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mel and katherine

"The weekend changed our lives!"

I feel like a different person. My relationships are direct and honest. I am at peace.

-Mel & Katherine
New York, NY

Relationship Myths
There are a number of myths floating around out there that most people accept as gospel. Opposites attract...selflessness is the basis of the best will keep you together. When you give up these childish and unrealistic beliefs, you take an important and necessary step toward personal growth.

Whether they realize it or not, couples commit for two reasons. First, they intuitively recognize a similarity of beliefs about how the world ought to be. This core values match is usually unconscious and unacknowledged, and yet has the potential to underpin a great relationship. They also get together because they recognize a wounded soul mate—an identical pairing up of emotional and psychological familiars that leads them to reproduce painful, but predictable feelings from their past.

The truth is, almost every adult can benefit from Morrie and Arleah Shechtman’s retreat weekend. The only requirement? You must be strong, successful individuals who want to use your skills and talents to find, renew, and revitalize your most intimate and committed relationship.

A great relationship requires courage, growth, and unwavering commitment. It is not easy. Neither is this retreat. But both are 100 percent worth the effort.

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curtis and kristi

"Our weekend was nothing short of transformational."

We left with an action plan that has helped us achieve un-hoped for breakthroughs with each other, with our families, and our professional lives.

-Curtis and Kristi
Los Angeles, CA

Values are Critical
Great relationships translate their values match into an energizing and inspiring vision of the good life, while challenging each partner to grieve their familiars and minimize their impact on the relationship.

Poor relationships ignore their values match and use their familiars as weapons, in a desperate attempt to get from the present what they failed to get from their past. But you can never change your past; you can only grieve it. Consequently, most relationships aren’t sick – they’re stuck.

When you and your partner commit to healing old wounds and strive for personal growth, you will greatly expand your capacity for intimacy. And that's the key to unlocking the joy of love in the present tense.

The retreat gives busy, highly involved individuals with many commitments in their lives, an opportunity to learn how to fully enjoy and get the maximum out of the most important people in their lives - themselves and their life partners.

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"You changed my life."

I wanted to thank you and Arleah for changing my life for the better. Maggie and I have had much better communication since our retreat. When you said that how we talk to each other (and the world) will change, I was skeptical. As usual you were right.

Winston-Salem, NC

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