Morrie's Message: In Marriage And In Business,
Personal Growth Equals Success.

A marriage is two individuals with their own issues to overcome and their own happiness to pursue. A corporation is many such individuals. There is no real difference between the two. Healthy, productive relationships—whether they're between spouses or business partners—require that each participant commit to and follow a path of introspection and personal growth.

This is the heart of Morrie Shechtman's message, and it is applicable to virtually any organization or group: professional, civic or social. His keynote speeches—whether he offers them as co-author of Love In The Present Tense consulting or as CEO of Fifth Wave Leadership—will inspire every audience member to explore the amazing benefits of personal transformation.

Don't miss the opportunity to book this dynamic, thought-provoking speaker. He will give every member of your group or organization a whole new way of thinking about how they live, love, work and approach their relationships. For availability and fees, call us at: 1-406-752-9270.